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Please call  or e-mail for details and availbility.
All sales are final, once deposit is made.

Master Card, Visa, Money Orders and Cash are excepted.  Sorry, but no personal checks at this time. 

Most of my fabrics come from New York.  I carry a wide selection from velvets to holograms.  I also carry all the basic colors in plain lycra and some wet-look lycra.  I have glitter slinky and plain slinky.  There is no extra cost for special order fabrics, I just need the deposit before I can start and extra time to find and order it.
I will need your address to send the swatches after you let me know what you are looking for.


Each design is customized for the individual customer, so prices will vary based on materials and complexity of the design.  I can do all the current trends in the magazines.  Just send me pictures!  I also add pockets in the tops for added padding if needed.
Posing Suits:  start at $80; foam bikini inserts (pads) are $10 a pair. 
Posing Trunks$40 regardless of fabric and style.
Classic Physique Shorts$40.
Competition Suits or Run-way:  start at $80 and can go up depending on styles; foam bikini inserts (pads) are $10 a pair. 
Club and Sexy Wear:  These are my favorite!  My three piece shorts or short shirt outfit with G's start at $45.
Rhinestones:  are charged per stone; for bikini suits I recommend a minimum of $75 in stones; most orders average $180 or more just for stones. 


Final delivery takes about two to three weeks after deposit is received, fabrics are chosen and final fitting has been discussed.  Women's posing suits need at least one fitting before final stones are added, so add an extra week plus one extra delivery charge.  Please allow plenty of time to accommodate the 2 shipments and remember that there will be two delivery fees.
I charge $6 plus insurance cost if needed, per delivery. 
All suits are sent out via Priority Mail USPS.
To Order call
(502) 767-7960
or email